Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 61

I wish I could say that what happens on VLive, stays on VLive but the entire MO of our fave artists going live on their respective VLive channels is getting the opportunity to be spontaneous and, for the most part, unscripted. I have no doubt that rookie groups are diligently watched over during any kind of live broadcast. However from their earliest days, I have always got the impression that A.C.E has had a great deal of autonomy, and I am confident Beat knows they would never go completely off the rails during a live broadcast! In the VLive clip I share today, Donghun gets the 411 from fans during his June 4, 2019 VLive that leader Jun not only ate Donghun’s jellies, he also rummaged through his bag. How will Dong Dong retaliate?!

I guess because Donghun is actually the eldest member in the group, he most likely has some level of immunity which allows him to get away with things like commandeering a strawberry milkshake AND looking through leader Jun’s bag. He could perhaps cite the eye-for-an-eye defense. I mean, turnabout is fair play, right?

Hahahaha . . . The fact that Donghun briefly panicked over the thought of what Jun shared is so amusing to me but then he did not think twice about showing everyone the contents of Jun’s bag. Savage. Donghun seems so completely dumbfounded by Jun’s diligence in maintaining his health. And even more astonished by the amount of money Jun has in his wallet which leads him to say that Jun should treat him. Sir.😂

But you know, Jun has such a huge heart and grand love for his A.C.E brothers, I have every reason to believe he would not hesitate to drop some coin on his big bro, Donghun. Especially if Mr. DH serenades him like he does with the little a cappella mini concert he serves up at the end of the clip. Take all my money, Mr. Lee!😍


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