Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 60

I knew our patience would be rewarded. On the eve of his 60th day of service, our beloved main vocal updated his Instagram account. What is so nice about public service is the tiny bit of leniency enlistees get when it comes to using their SNS accounts. True, Donghun can’t be posting those multiple selcas on the various A.C.E SNS accounts, but his personal one is where he can quietly stay in touch. On November 20, he updated with a series of pictures which included ones of himself.

Yes, our Dong Dong took to his Instagram account, bldhue, and gave us seven, yes SEVEN, pictures, five of which were of his handsome self. Sadly, seeing updated pictures of him makes me miss him more – but he looks healthy and happy and yeah, sooooo handsome. So without further ado, here they are in the order he posted them:

Captioned: 오랜만이야🙂 [Long time no see🙂]

Our cups runneth over, right?! He looks rested and well. Mixing in a little art and nature, I feel like we are on a bit of are retreat with Donghun, and I like it. Mostly, I am thrilled he updated and am confident he will surprise us again (and hopefully often) in these next remaining 579 days. Stay strong Choice!


[Image cr. bldhue]



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