Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 49

It has been quite interesting watching our favorite idols navigate these strange days of having to connect with fans remotely. Online concerts where audiences were broadcast on jumbotron-like screens that served as a backdrop to the empty studio and/or venue stages, their only interaction coming via a live chatroom the hosting platform provided to both artists and fans. Sure, they adjusted. We adjusted. Uploading pictures on various sns accounts available seemed to ramp up and so did live broadcasts. It’s true our favorite artists had to work extra special hard to stay in touch. A.C.E, who have always worked hard to maintain a steady connection with their Choice, are by far perhaps one of the most entertaining while doing so. Take for example, a quiet night of sharing a dessert that turned into an arm wrestling match between Donghun, Jun and Chan.

My friends, I offer to you the strongest hyung and his matter-of-fact way in which he reminds both Jun and Chan of that fact.😂


Superman may have his cape, but our Donghun has his blue pajamas and I am convinced wearing his signature color gives him a little something extra! It’s just my observation – but, he does look good in blue!😉


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