Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 50

Is it really Day 50?! Well, I am sure there are many Choice out there who might think . . . is it only Day 50?! Either way one thing is certain, time continues to move and Donghun has completed 50 days, so I am going to continue to glass half full this as we make our way to discharge! Today, on this 50th day, the second installment of The ABC’s of Donghun. The letter B can take me in many directions but I am choosing Blue as that is Donghun’s signature and representative color as a member of A.C.E.

B is for Blue

Blue is perfect for our main vocal. First, as is obvious, he looks amazing in blue. On a more esoteric level, it seems to suit him by way of it being the color of serenity and calm. When I think of Donghun in ballad mode, I think of serenity and calm. When I think of Donghun’s gentle eyes, I am reminded of serenity and calm. It just works.

Each A.C.E member has his own specific microphone of a certain color that is associated with that member. Donghun’s is blue (naturally) and at one point looked to be a deep dark blue as depicted above. Dark blue is the color of depth and power. Again, a perfect match for our main vocal who possesses a voice full of depth and power.

Then an upgrade to a metallic blue with hints of light blue in the mix. Light blue, the color of trust and communication through creativity. The color of inspiration and patience. Yes, when I think of Donghun’s road in pursuit of his goals as a musician, I would say that he most likely trusts his ability to communicate his creativity, continues to patiently achieve his goals, and is indeed an inspiration.

Blue is definitely Donghun’s color.


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