Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 48

I thought I would drop a little DH fan art today. Something from the Under Cover era from Philippines digital artist, Violetwister. Under Cover is an aggressive track that really showcases the innate strength of A.C.E as vocalists, rappers and dancers. Even so, Violetwister brings a soft touch to our powerful main vocal with her Under Cover inspired art.

So soft. So winsome. Certainly not the overall modus operandi of Under Cover – but, I am always on board with a soft, ethereal (there’s that word again) Donghun. He looks so gentle here. So contemplative. I am always so impressed when artists create a glow and highlight using color. It really is a magic all of its own. For example here, I love the glow in his cheeks. The light from some mystery source shining on him. It’s just lovely. Well down Violetwister!

Check out more of Violetwister’s work here.


[Image cr. Violetwister]

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