Waiting for Donghun ~ Day 16

I can conceivably consider every one of these countdown posts an ‘art break’ because I basically consider Donghun a work of art all unto himself, and a multi-faceted one at that. However, DH Fan-Artastic is all about those who are inspired to draw, sketch or paint Donghun’s image capturing a moment that could encompass an element of his personality, a mood or how he was particularly styled for a comeback. Ah, yes, the comeback concept. A.C.E has had some truly remarkable and memorable ones. I admit I am kind of stuck in the Siren:Dawn era and that is where our fan art lands today.

I don’t know, there was just something special about the lavender-laced silver grey hair Donghun wore right up to his military enlistment. Don’t get me wrong, I think black hair Donghun is superior in every way. But the particular length, style and color he settled into during Siren:Dawn was simply gorgeous. Our artist today, Damanik Kim, brings Donghun’s soft and gentle look to life in her Siren:Dawn era fan art.

I am a huge fan of Shakespeare and, in particular, Romeo & Juliet. I have to say . . . I could easily envision my Romeo looking exactly like the above.

You can check out more of Damanik Kim’s work here.


[Image cr. Damanik Kim]

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