Waiting for Donghun ~ Day 17

Content. Seriously, thank goodness groups put in place a variety of content well before we basically all had to go remote. Even with a robust selection of variety programs (on both television and the radio where we can enjoy seeing our favorites in various environments), K-pop groups expand that even further by way of V-Live and YouTube channels where they can create a variety of programming exclusive to themselves. From day-in-the-life vlogs to behind the scenes offerings, A.C.E serves up a variety of enjoyable content which included one of my fave video series of theirs, the A.C.E Diary.

The A.C.E Diary series was a collection of videos filmed by the members of A.C.E individually as they discussed stories/letters submitted by the fans. The stories could range from simply asking the guys to cheer them on to do well in school, to going even a little deeper and asking how they cope with self-doubt.

In the clip I want to share, a fan writes about her love of dance and her concerns about comparing herself to others in the dance club she has joined. Since our Donghun took up dance late himself (learning after he became a trainee), this subject was rather near and dear to his heart and he offers some wonderful thoughts and advice.

[Expand the video to full screen to read the subtitles.]

His words of encouragement are so sweet. But more importantly were his thoughts about no one being able to place value on yourself other than you. The K-pop industry can be brutal, especially on one’s confidence when surrounded by so much competition as well as on-going agency evaluations. Not to mention the whole being molded into an idol generally. Donghun seems so grounded and focused. Even though setbacks can be part of the journey and I am sure he is no stranger to them, Donghun seems to have tapped into, and maintains the idea of, heightening one’s own value.

Such a boss.





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