Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 7

I love fan art. It’s true, I am not even remotely artistically inclined when it comes to drawing, sketching, painting and the like. But it is also true that I do have a huge appreciation for the visual arts. While I am arguably jealous of those who are able to draw, sketch and paint beautiful renditions of their favorite artists, I am always inclined to share their work when and where I can. This little countdown is the perfect place to showcase wonderful and creative fans and their Donghun fan art.

For this first DH Fan-artastic post, I will share a breathtaking drawing by Fili, a Portuguese designer and illustrator. She captures the essence of Donghun’s ethereal beauty in a piece she titled, “Dancing alone under the light of the falling moon.”

It’s just soooooo beautiful! The detail, shading, highlights and colors are exquisite. Donghun looks like an angel dropped from heaven itself. If you can look at piece of work and fall in love with the subject matter, then the artist has done something art was designed to do and that is, to make you feel something. Well done, Fili.

You can find more of Fili’s art here.


[Image cr. bloominflowers]

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