The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 723

It has been a long time since I have shared any kind of fan cam of a press-oriented nature. So why not today, this second-to-last Fan-Camming Friday of the countdown? From the 2012 Asia Model Festival Awards, G.O and his MBLAQ brothers spent some time at the photo wall being captured in all of their handsome glory. With G.O’s russet locks pushed up off of his forehead he was a shimmering vision in black that evening and fortunately for us, there is some cam that captured that vision.

The healthy amount of luminosity at the photo wall that night emanating from the dewy complexion of our handsome main vocal was abundant. Not to discount Mir or Cheondung as both looked very handsome as well . . . but you know my bias towards G.O is always going to have me sing his praises just a little louder. Who am I kidding, a lot louder. Coupled with the glow was a gentle and relaxed ease amid the strobe of many camera flashes.

It was indeed the calm before the storm that hit that evening when MBLAQ took the stage.

G.O, the perfect storm of the yin and yang forces that balance this earth with superlative harmony.


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