The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 722

Apart from seeing G.O smile, one of my favorite views of him is when he is standing, sitting or just plain being behind a microphone singing or at least, getting ready to sing. There does not even need to be a microphone, come to think of it. Or, if there is one it can be of any variety, including a press mic. Yes, that is where I am going today with this final installment the Vocal Virtuosity sub-category. My friends, we really are coming to the end!! I don’t believe I am selling anyone short here when I offer a 15 second clip of G.O singing Kim Hyun Shik’s sentimental ballad, 비처럼 음악처럼 [Like Rain, Like Music] as a vocal virtuosity moment. Especially when that 15 seconds is the gentlest of gentle vocal caresses.

비가 내리고 음악이 흐르면
When the rain falls and the music flows
난 당신을 생각해요
I think of you

Oh my, so sentimental and beautiful. And, exactly the kind of lyrics I know I would appreciate hearing from G.O. I think we could use a full cover of this song at some point, but until then, we must be satisfied with the 15 gentle and sweetly shy seconds he gave us during MBLAQ’s 26 July 2012 Star File interview.

Sigh . . .

Sometimes when G.O sings a ballad, it sounds like a perfect lullaby. Soft, gentle, and soothing, he knows exactly how to wrap the beautiful melody and lyrics of a song around us like a warm blanket.

Just like heaven.


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