The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 694

Allow me to let you in on a little secret about this series that is really not important, but I wanted to share because with all of the recent activity that has been going on this past week and a half regarding news of G.O dating, I have not written about it other than to post his update confirming it. Frankly, I was over the moon excited about the news. Subsequent to that news breaking, (as many of you know) there has been much too much inappropriate backlash directed towards G.O for the way in which it was announced and his response thereafter. I have not timely addressed all of this (nor will I beyond what I write here) because I have, since the beginning of this series, prepared many of the posts in advance (that’s my secret..shhhh). I have even had up to 14 future posts pending at one time. I have worked this way to help keep daily posts coming. Often when G.O would update his SNS, I would scramble and move posts around to accommodate those updates. I share this because for the remaining 37 days of his service (and for this countdown), I decided to no longer do that and just keep it very simple here.

I do not want to play into the drama of what I believe has been absolutely unnecessary. Furthermore, the purpose of what I have done here over these past 694 days has been simply to honor G.O, share his talent, intelligence, wit and yes, authenticity. It has been my hope that by doing so, he continued to stay fresh in the hearts and minds of his fans. Additionally, I hope he potentially picked up a few new admirers. It has also been a way for me to move through the days of his service awaiting his return. So I do not want this space to become a battleground for fan negativity ~ however if need be, I am prepared to fight for him and his right to be happy.

I just want to continue to share why I think he is special, and continue to do so with grace and lightheartedness.

That said, let us carry on. It is a G.O One Shot day and I just want to keep it simple and fun. The joy in a performance. The absolute pleasure in not only entertaining your fans, but keeping your group members entertained as well.



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