The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 693

My fan art choice today comes from a US artist who goes by the name NamiiChan. Yay! She started out just drawing manga but eventually moved to digital painting. She is also into 3D origami and nail art. Creative people fascinate and inspire me. Today I would like to share her rendition of G.O’s intensity as captured during Blaq Style days.

Everyone knows by now how much I love the mash up of intense glares wrapped in the softer look G.O sported from the Y era (May 2010), that was then carried over into the release of Blaq Style (January 2011). NamiiChan captures both perfectly here from the wisps in G.O’s hair and blurred softness of that fur collar on his shirt, to the heat-bearing penetrating gaze in his dark eyes.  I think it is an established fact that the yin and the yang work rather harmoniously within G.O and I never stop appreciating the artists who are able to capture such in their art. NamiiChan mentioned in the caption to this wonderful artwork that G.O was her favorite in MBLAQ. Yes, a G.Oddess after my own heart.~♥


[Image cr. NamiiChan]

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