The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 695

I think it is a good day to go wild, don’t you? 2012 was one very bountiful year. So much MBLAQ goodness including the sub-unit collaboration of G.O and Mir. Usually prone to high jinks and mischief, our wild pair traded in their playful images with some in-you-face swag during the Blaq% Asia Tour that year with their provocative single, Wild and it is my choice for this Fan-Camming Friday day.

내가 웃어주면 너도웃었고 음~
[If I smile, you smile too]
내가 춤출때면 너도 춤을춰 예~
[If I dance, you dance too]
나를 벗어날순 없어
[You can’t escape me and]
나도 널 벗어나긴 싫어
[I don’t want to escape from you]
아무도 모르게 뜨거운 이 밤을
[Without anyone knowing, on this hot night]

This is one song that is appropriately titled. From the outset with the opening lyrics, G.O begins the seduction.

And, it only gets steamier.

정말 터질 것 같은니
[It feels like I will explode –]
[from your red lipstick]
오늘따라 반짝거리는 피부
[To your shining skin,]
나를 정말 눈부시게 해
[it really makes my eyes dazzle]
뭐라해도 따라 갈 수없는
[No matter what anyone says,]
너의 각선미까지
[no one can follow your shapely legs]
하나하나 빠질게 없어
[You don’t have a single flaw,]
나를 미치게하네
[you drive me crazy]

This collaboration is another reason yet for me to adhere to the tenet that MBLAQ was never a ‘boy band.’ Because boys could never pull off what G.O and Mir brought to the live stage during this performance. Mixing talent with confidence and attitude is a powerful elixir.

And now, a short G.O-only edit.

I love these two, the song and the many live performances captured throughout the Blaq% Tour. If our beloved main vocal man does in fact continue to pursue singing, I can only wish for a G.OMir comeback collaboration come summer when our dear, sweet maknae will have also completed his military service. I would be so very ready for that!


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