The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 664

I am one of G.O’s fans who has a healthy appreciation for the creative collaboration and subsequent music that was born during his time with Tykeys. Every song, including Su’s solo work, is a candidate for the Vocal Virtuosity list. Every single one. Lately, R&B has taken a firmer foothold in South Korea (much to my delight); however, back in 2007, it did not get the exposure and respect it deserved. Inasmuch as Ty Project No. 1 was an amazing album, in my opinion, it never got proper recognition, promotion and airplay. I listen to it quite a bit so it gets lots of airplay in my house! Often when I am listening to it, I long to hear the present and seasoned vocalist G.O sing the songs of that album. The closest we actually came to that was when G.O appeared with rapper Nassun on Trend-E’s The Muzit show back on 9 October 2010 wherein he sang 22 seconds of Tykeys’ first single, I’m Sorry. And it was twenty-two seconds of absolute vocal virtuosity.


Hearing G.O sing a Tykeys song while being a member of MBLAQ sets off all kinds of feels and emotions because I truly love the album and even more, I love to hear G.O settle into the retro neo-soul groove of the music from that album . . . even if it was only this once and only a mere 22 seconds. I think you will agree, it was worth it.


You know, somehow I think things would be different today had Ty Project No. 1 been released in 2017 instead of 2007. There is no way of knowing for sure, but perhaps so. In any event, I sincerely hope the music G.O is hard at work on these days includes a definite revisit to the music that was clearly running through his veins back in those early days. Then again, with a voice like his, genre will not matter. Every note he releases into the atmosphere will be pure music manna.


[Video cr. amiy]

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