The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 623

Happy November! Unequivocally, the month of G.O! I am kicking off the month with a One Shot since according to my log, it is time for one.^^ I think one of the most beautiful and exquisite professional pictures of G.O that has ever been taken comes from the GQ Korea spread for the 2011 Armani Exchange watch collection campaign. There were a few pictures taken for the campaign, but the one I share as today’s G.O One Shot is perhaps one of my all-time favorites of the series.

Stunning!!! I mean, you have to agree that this picture is absolutely exquisite. The first time I came across it, I was immediately reminded of James Dean. I spent many years as an avid collector of James Dean memorabilia and as such, came across many pictures of the iconic actor. There was something about this particular photograph that immediately reminded of this capture of James Dean:

Somewhat similar, right? In fact, the entire series of G.O’s Armani photographs are very Dean-esque. I will save the others for future One Shots. Even though everyone has seen the series of pictures a million times already, there is nothing wrong with having one more look. And who knows, I may end up sparing you by completely forgetting about revisiting them, especially if G.O fills all of the remaining gaps in my Countdown log with updates. <wishful thinking>

Now, I know that the intent behind G.O’s picture was to model the wristwatch. After all, both he and Joon were, at that time, hired to endorse designer Armani’s new crop of men’s time-keeping wrist wear. But when I think about G.O’s concept for the Mona Lisa album I cannot help but wonder about the Dean connection. Coincidence? Maybe. But then, I don’t believe in coincidences. I relish in the thought of presuming G.O has been a Dean fan himself for some time now.


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