The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 624

Since it is Thursday, I thought it would be nice to throw things back to 2009, and to the artful lens of A Lucky Day. The series of photographs she captured back on 1 December 2009 when G.O and Mir appeared on MNET’s Open Studio are each gorgeous captures that could have easily been shot this year, or even last week (you know, before he exiled the goatee). Seriously. So today a little nostalgic beanie chic from our ageless wonder of a main vocal.

G.O in a hat of any style is going to scream fashion. His facial features and overall bone structure lend themselves well to head wear of all shapes and sizes. I appreciate his hat fashion over the years and most recently his penchant for the fedora and the all American baseball cap. The beanie (in my opinion) does not work on everyone. Perhaps like a form fitting sweater, it requires perfect shape and angles to look good. On G.O it works. It works quite well for he is a gorgeous collection of perfect shapes and angles, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, I have to say my first preference is G.O sans hat wear simply because I think he has a beautiful and lush head of hair, and I am particularly fond of his natural jet black color. Nevertheless, the man has a very strong hat game and it has been strong since these throwback days to the absolute present. With winter on the horizon, perhaps we will get the opportunity to see more of his hat collection if he so decides to share an update or two as the chilly weather sets in.

I am all for a 2017 beanie revival.~😘


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