The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 622

The letter Q is a tricky letter in the English alphabet but I will not shy away from finding a Q word that I believe is a G.O descriptor. I have often labeled him quintessential in many ways, specifically as a vocalist. Being described as quintessential means being a quintessence and being a quintessence means that which possesses the purest essence of something and is the most typical example. The epitome. The ideal. The embodiment. Indeed, I can take this adjective and probably apply it to many facets of G.O. Apart from his voice which is the embodiment of sound manna to my ears, I happen to believe he is the quintessential balance of all that is strong and masculine while also being incredibly soft and gentle.

Q is for Quintessential

G.O is all man and that is undeniable. But I think what enhances his quintessence even more is that his masculinity never impedes, over-powers or reduces the gentleness that inherently seems to reside inside of his heart and soul. In way of physicality and presence however, he possesses a robust supply of sight pheromones to be sure.

Physically, he is quintessentially fit. This delicate lace and white ensemble from the Sexy Beat era in no way retracts from his masculinity. But then, remember the era when he took all of that manliness and dropped it into the softest, albeit sometimes fierce, package?

Ok sure, styling and make up can enhance said softness, this is true. But I still believe G.O is a blend of the two regardless of era, style or performance. He strikes a perfect balance between both.

I think this cam from the 2013 Sexy Beat Showcase shows a quintessential mash up of the two where G.O brought to the stage the pure soft and tenderness of Celebrate while looking all man sexy and handsome in that suit and those shades.

Indeed and in my opinion, it takes a gentle and sensitive heart to properly interpret a heart-felt ballad. G.O repeatedly knocks it out of the park in that regard, always. I heartily embrace all that is quintessential about this talented man, and celebrate it daily.


[Image cr. as tagged; video cr. DALGOM Mondschein]

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