The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 607

I feel like a Windows To Your Soul ~ The G.O Eye Connect moment today and found a nice example in fan-cam form. I thought about waiting until Friday to make it a double categoried day but then figured why wait? I am relaxing my rules these final days of G.O’s service. I should even try to challenge myself to come up with fan-cam moments for each day remaining. I am confident there are enough cams out there to satisfy that challenge and I am sure it would be cool with everyone, right? Hehehe….cams will steadily make appearances regardless of the day and if I chose that route, I would not get my One Shot moments in or finish the alphabet in The ABC’s of G.O sub-series. And you know I must keep those selca moments in rotation. Therefore, I will stay my current course. For today then I give an Eye Connect moment from the taping of the MBC Korean variety program, 매직쇼크 [Magic Shock].

Magic Shock was really all about the magicians on the show and it seems the celebs and guests were primarily there to assist in the illusions. Both G.O and Cheondung were among the panel of guests for the Chuseok special that was recorded in September 2012, and aired the following month. Even though the show was not G.O/Cheondung specific, I know for a full on fact that I would have wanted to be in the studio audience just to see them participate. Wouldn’t you? It is clear G.O was aware that there was an admirer in the audience keeping a watch and sneaky camera on him.

Yes, it is brief, but a sweet capture nonetheless. This cam proves to also serve as a Fabled Fan Service moment with G.O’s wonderful acknowledgment of his fans awaiting his arrival to the MBC studios that evening.

Finally, couple that short moment with DALGOM Mondschein’s photo captures, and it is a post that keeps giving.~😘


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