The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 608

In the early days of this countdown series I was giving all kinds of love to G.O’s turn in the drama Couples Clinic: Love & War 2 that he starred in alongside Rainbow’s Go Woori. I admit to being completely smitten with the idea that he was in a drama that had romance as its foundation. As you know, there are so many things that attract me to G.O. For certain, his ability to tap into his romantic side be it in music, drama (and hopefully some day, film) is high on that list. You will all recall that moment in the episode when Joo Won proposes marriage to Go Eun during a romantic dinner which also included Joo Won serenading her prior thereto with a short excerpt of Han Dong Joon’s classic love song, 너를 사랑해 [I Love You].  Undeniably, a Vocal Virtuosity moment.

영원히 우리에게 서글픈 이별은 없어
[Forever, we will never have the pain of separation (or a sad goodbye)]
때로는 슬픔에 눈물도 흘리지만
[Sometimes, we may cry because of the deep sorrow but…]
언제나 너와 함께 새하얀 꿈을 꾸면서
[Together we can share all the pure dreams]
하늘이 우리를 갈라놓을때까지 워-
[Until the blue sky keeps us apart ~Woh oh oh woh oh woh oh]
너를 사랑해
[I love you]

The proposal scene was a classic and standard moment often seen (I am sure) in drama and/or film that was not wrought with fanfare or remotely elaborate. It was however quietly romantic and magnanimously sweet. Coupled with that of course was getting to hear G.O sing. I suppose that can conceivably push it up a notch or two when it comes to a marriage proposal in a drama.

At least it would for me.~😘

너를 사랑해 ~ 지오



[Video cr. KBS2]

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