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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 607

I feel like a Windows To Your Soul ~ The G.O Eye Connect moment today and found a nice example in fan-cam form. I thought about waiting until Friday to make it a double categoried day but then figured why wait? I am relaxing my rules these final days of G.O’s service. I should even try to challenge myself to come up with fan-cam moments for each day remaining. I am confident there are enough cams out there to satisfy that challenge and I am sure it would be cool with everyone, right? Hehehe….cams will steadily make appearances regardless of the day and if I chose that route, I would not get my One Shot moments in or finish the alphabet in The ABC’s of G.O sub-series. And you know I must keep those selca moments in rotation. Therefore, I will stay my current course. For today then I give an Eye Connect moment from the taping of the MBC Korean variety program, 매직쇼크 [Magic Shock].

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