The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 606

In the late afternoon of 14 October, G.O updated his Instagram account with a quad of pics from the past which quite frankly could fool any of us into believing he posed for them today. Seriously, has he discovered the elusive fountain of youth? With MBLAQ’s anniversary this month and his birthday coming next month, could G.O possibly be feeling the wave of nostalgia as we traverse these milestones?

He captioned his latest update with 오 이 얼굴 좋아 [Oh, this face I like] and gave the post the hashtag #응즐토 which is an abbreviated way of saying Yeah, Happy Saturday. Getting a G.O update and seeing his handsome face on any day makes me happy. Really happy!~♥

[Image cr. jung_go_]

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