The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 578

It is Sunday and we are wrapping up yet another week of G.O’s service. Sundays always suggest a day of rest and leisure and as such, seem like perfect days for something sweet and inspirational. I completely forgot about the cover of A Whole New World from the Aladdin OST G.O and Su sang together back during Tykeys days. When Tykeys were being introduced to the world in 2007, it was wonderful that they were given a platform to showcase their vocal skills singing in English as well as in their native Korean. When G.O sings, his voice automatically translates the music into its own language regardless of the song’s given language. That language being of course, the language of the heart. It has no real translation and is all vibration and sensation. As a native English-speaker however, when G.O sings in English, it makes experiencing his art extra special.

Remember that language of the heart idea I mentioned earlier?? Well tell me if you feel it subtly speaking its power when you watch and listen to G.O sing the opening lines, ‘I can show you the world . . .’ while placing his hand tenderly upon his heart.

Mmmmm…I do love how G.O sang his heart in this sentimental ballad with lyrics that certainly spoke of the exciting new world he himself was embarking upon as a member of Tykeys:

Unbelievable sights
Indescribable feeling
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
Through an endless diamond sky
A whole new world
(Don’t you dare close your eyes)
A hundred thousand things to see
(Hold your breath it gets better)
I’m like a shooting star
I’ve come so far
I can’t

A whole new world where he would get to share his heart and soul through music. Ok, I know that I am emotionally wired to respond to just about any and everything he does, but you have to agree that when G.O sets out on a song’s journey, he is intent on navigating you through every feeling and sensation along the emotional highways and byways of your heart. It can be intense, I know. But something tells me that if you return feeling shook, wounded or even scarred, G.O would feel satisfied in knowing that his art left a lasting impression. That his art made you . . .  feel.


[Video cr. The KarlitaVen]

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