The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 577

If I told you you were beautiful, would you date me on the regular?

Sometimes a Vocal Virtuosity moment shows up when I least expect it. So as you all know, I joined the MBLAQ party train late in the game. As a result, I missed a lot. A-LOT. Even if G.O had to complete four years of military service I still do not think that would give me enough time to see, hear and experience everything he has done these past ten years he has been living his dream as a singer, composer and actor. There is SO MUCH. I love it of course as it is keeping me busy while he is away. So today I discovered something I had not seen (or heard) before and I knew immediately that I wanted to secure it in the Vocal Virtuosity archives. I know all of you dedicated MBLAQ-philes remember the ETN Entertainment News Interview back on 23 June 2010. You also know then that even if it was brief, G.O covered some Justin Timberlake.

There was all kinds cheeky going on during the ETN Interview, so much so that it might have been easy to forget the JT moment G.O shared, unless of course he was your bias. Then that moment stood out, captured your attention and most likely made you swoon hard when he sang, ‘If I told you you were beautiful, would you date me on the regular?’

Now . . . doesn’t that make you want to hear him sing the entire song? Wouldn’t it be fabulous if, before his fan meeting on 24 Feb, G.O polled his fans asking what cover songs they would love to hear him sing? It would be hard to choose. I know I would want to hear any one of the many he has covered in the past (My Love included), but would long to hear some new ones as well. It is difficult to not be greedy when wanting to hear G.O sing. Somehow when it comes to wanting to hear more of G.O’s voice, greed is a vice that is easily forgiven.


[Video excerpt cr. ABMSubs]


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