The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 579

I admit there may cause for debate when talking about the ‘visual‘ in a group. Honestly, no matter who is deemed the visual, our own personal biases will most likely hold that honor for us individually regardless of who owns the title officially. It is something that I have not always been familiar with as I do not think western groups traditionally have a member or members who are labeled as “the visual.” It wasn’t until I started my Korean entertainment education that I came across this idiosyncratic facet of the Korean group dynamic. I tend to get stubborn about the visual title holder in MBLAQ because for me, I would give that title exclusively to G.O. <hehe…no surprise> In addition to his striking good looks, G.O’s talent and voice would invariably make anyone sit up and take notice while he was on stage or screen. He may not have been officially labeled MBLAQ’s visual, but he nevertheless was, and consistently is, noticeable.

N is for Noticeable

Even if G.O is not your bias, I still believe he is capable of capturing attention. During MBLAQ songs that may have been judiciously balanced between the five (or three) of them, G.O would always stand out. It is the nature of a main vocal after all, right? Of course my bias towards him has a lot to do with my beliefs and statements. Nevertheless, it is the combination of G.O’s vocal acuity matched by the demonstrative way in which he sings that draws our attention to him. I do not believe I am completely off point when I say that.^^

Yes, we have been over the idea of the way music moves through G.O when he performs. I bring it up often because I sincerely appreciate a demonstrative vocalist. I love watching the music move through and from a vocalist like it were possessing his soul. G.O delivers vocally and visually.

He also has gorgeous physical attributes that magnetically draw attention like his dreamy brown eyes and his beautiful hands.

Also, let’s not forget about one of my favorite things about him, his warmth.

I have spent 578 days telling you over and over how wonderful G.O is on so many levels. On this 579th, I am adding that he is also quite noticeable and worth noticing. If by chance you are noticing him for the first time . . . welcome and settle in as I still have 152 more days to share with you why G.O is so very noticeable to me.


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