The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 569

Beauty is not caused. It is. ~Emily Dickinson

I cannot deny it, nor will I ever deny that there are days when G.O pushes me past the brink of fangirl reason straight into fangirl frenzy. Fangirl frenzy. I know each fangirl is unique. I am a later model fangirl due to my advanced age and delayed entry into the fangirl arena. However, there are moments when G.O has made me forget all about my age, fangirl parameters and decorum transporting me back to my teens awkward and trembling with excitement as I watch him perform. I have talked about G.O’s subtle yet powerful stage presence. His talent will always make him shine even on a stage filled with dense choreography, pyrotechnics and other people. And when G.O wears white his power and presence seems to become even more unmistakeable. The KBS event in Gwangju on 14 October 2010 is a wonderful example, escorts me into fangirl frenzy mode, and is my choice for this Fan-Camming Friday offering.

It isn’t enough that there is actually extended focused fan cam footage of G.O on the stage that evening. No. Our trusted masternim The Black Pearl was in attendance and positioned perfectly in the audience to capture some of the most stunning pictures of G.O. I mean, these are breathtaking.

Before I totally get distracted here, don’t you just love the simplicity of this suit? This all white ensemble is absolutely heavenly. I particularly love the fact that the exquisitely tailor jacket is not over-embellished. And silver on white was a smart stylist choice [then again, I favor silver over gold]. Silver seems to be G.O’s go-to choice when it comes to jewelry and surprisingly he did not wear a single piece for this performance, yet he still dazzles under the shimmer of the silver buttons, zippers and shoulder embellishment. The plush v-neck t-shirt, comfortable hip-hugging trousers add to this beautiful ensemble and are capped off by the soft fringe of his glossy hair and smoky eyes. My goodness, he looked amazing. Sounded amazing as well.

Twelve minutes of G.O-focused cam is a wonderful way to start any weekend. I leave you with the remaining captures by The Black Pearl along with a couple of other fan captures. You should probably view these sitting down as they may evoke your own version of fangirl frenzy. Be safe, G.Oddesses! Happy Fangirl Frenzy Friday!



[Image cr. as tagged; video cr. Aftersensation]

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