The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 568

It is impossible for me to keep this One Shot to just one single picture today, but I am sure you will not mind. I have broken my One Shot rule many times before and as we get closer to discharge, I have a feeling any and all rules and parameters I have set for myself here during this countdown series will continue to be broken, bent or even completely ignored. It’s all good.^^

I came across a few shots of G.O during his first solo stage of 2015 when he performed in Gimhae and could not decide which one I liked the best when all are equally beautiful. You all know how I feel about seeing G.O lost in song. Yes, well . . . for today then, a multi-shot one shot.

From the stage in Gimhae, January 2015:

~Breathtakingly beautiful~


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