The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 570

Even though we all can surmise by the barrage of survival report/updates G.O has been supplying us over the past seven months that he is not only doing well, but is also happy, it was really good (and I mean really REALLY good) to hear him actually say, well, write it. G.O took to his Instagram account for some Friday night updating last night posting two pictures, one of which was another sigh-inducing selca.

In the caption for this beautiful capture, G.O wrote: 응 요즘 정말 행복해 [Yeah, these days I am really happy]. Somehow getting confirmation directly from him erases any speculation we may have had otherwise. For me, this update was particularly comforting as I have been hoping and praying he would find his happiness again. It appears by his own admission he has and as you can see, he wears happy very, very well.

Here is his other update from Friday, 8 September. If you have any idea of what it might be, please share in the comments section.^^

I am thinking it is a speaker system of some kind. What is your guess?


[Image cr. jung_g_o]


  1. Laurel Apling says:

    I posted on his IG because no one knew… That’s the inside of PC tower! G.Skill and Corsair are computer components for super-fast memory. with 2 fans for keeping it cool. You can see part of motherboard top right of pic.

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