The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 522

I wanted today to be another Vocal Virtuosity day after hearing One recently. Even though it is a MBLAQ group effort, Mr. Main Vocal proves predominant throughout the song. As you know, when that happens, I like to bring it to the forefront here on the countdown because as much as I adore all of MBLAQ’s music, when my lovely bias takes the vocal helm in a song, it rapidly moves up my fave list. I forgot how feel good One is and how crystalline and powerful G.O’s vocals are throughout the song. Even though I have been diligently searching, I could not find an actual live version or performance. If any of you are aware, please post a link to in the comments section. I did recall however the 13 September 2011 KBS broadcast of The Lord of Magic show wherein our fab five performed a wonderful and remarkably sweet LED light show using One as a backdrop music to the performance.

I have not watched this performance in such a long time and I have to admit, tears they were a-fallin’ on my rewatch . . . yes, I am the epitome of sappy. The visuals have a light and airy flow. Much like the song, right? The gentle imagery sculpted from the tube lights is winsome and playful. Adding to the charm of the performance is of course the song where the predominance of G.O’s lithe and lovely voice wraps the entire production (and our hearts) in romance. With verses like . . .

어쩌다보니 긴시간이흘러 (alright)
[And then the long time passes alright]
돌이켜봐도 후회는 없어
[Even when I look back, I have no regrets]
(Baby so nice I promise you baby)
나와함께 I can’t stop loving you
[With me, I can’t stop loving you]

. . . my heart just flutters and flutters!


Let’s revisit the performance.

Were you able to watch that without getting a little teary-eyed? It is adorable and sweet and of course, the teamwork of those five lovely beings is almost too much. Because my intent with this post was to share a G.O Vocal Virtuosity moment, I will end this post with the audio of the synth-driven, energetic and upbeat Magic of Light theme song, One.


[Video cr. Tiink0fSugar]

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