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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 522

I wanted today to be another Vocal Virtuosity day after hearing One recently. Even though it is a MBLAQ group effort, Mr. Main Vocal proves predominant throughout the song. As you know, when that happens, I like to bring it to the forefront here on the countdown because as much as I adore all of MBLAQ’s music, when my lovely bias takes the vocal helm in a song, it rapidly moves up my fave list. I forgot how feel good One is and how crystalline and powerful G.O’s vocals are throughout the song. Even though I have been diligently searching, I could not find an actual live version or performance. If any of you are aware, please post a link to in the comments section. I did recall however the 13 September 2011 KBS broadcast of The Lord of Magic show wherein our fab five performed a wonderful and remarkably sweet LED light show using One as a backdrop music to the performance.

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