Just a reminder to USA+ that the group order for Seung Ho’s solo Japanese CD デモアイタイヨ will close Monday, 24 July 2017. As a reminder to all fans living outside of Japan who want to order independently, you can do so after creating an account with shipping provider Tenso.

Ivy has now released photos of each individual CD cover (Types A through E), and I must say our quiet leader is looking classy, elegant, sophisticated and yes, very handsome.

If you are looking to order just one CD, here are the covers to help you decide:

Type A

[Type A contains the CD and DVD]

Type B

[Type B contains the CD and DVD]

Type C

[Type C contains the CD only]

Type D

[Type D contains the CD only]

Type E

[Type E contains the CD only]

Here are links to the Tenso and Ivy sites. Ivy Records will be taking orders through 31 July 2017. If you have created an account with Tenso but are having difficulty navigating Ivy’s site to order, please contact me privately and I will assist you in ordering.


[Image cr. Ivy Records]


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