The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 486

Because G.O is so incredibly sweet, gentle and kind, we sometimes can forget how wicked sexy he can be. Today’s G.O One Shot is a reminder that G.O’s kind of sexy is more powerful and lethal than he himself perhaps even realizes. But, I don’t mind having the chore of reminding him today. It is Day 486 or as I am going to call it: Super Sizzling Saturday.

I hardly think I am exaggerating. Look at the power. The strength. The masculinity. And still, positively dreamy. I have written about it so much here but it is always worth pointing out (again) how G.O is a beautiful balance of yin and yang. He is all of that fierceness and strength of the sun-inspired fiery yang that burns with intensity and seriousness. Yet at the same time, maintains the cool pliability and softness of the moon-inspired yin. Mmmmmm…yes.

Not only a beautiful balance, but a perfect one, too.


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