The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 485

Where do begin for this Fan-Camming Friday? I had my heart set on one cam and then became totally undone when I found a different cam for a different song from the same show. It was then that I was promptly reminded that the 13-year old squealing fangirl that I thought had matured somewhat and settled into the fact that she was residing in a not so young anymore middle-aged woman, returned with a boisterous vengeance. It has been awhile since I watched a cam and screamed at the monitor the entire time but this is exactly what happened when I watched G.O rip into the fierce, flirtatious and fervid Oh Yeah back on 13 June 2010 in Iksan.

After 484 posts, I have fallen into a method for Fan-Camming Fridays. There are times when I locate some pictures from a performance and pray there is a focused cam to compliment it. Other times, I find the cam and subsequently go searching for pictures. Sometimes I find one and not the other. Most of the time though, I hit the jackpot and find both. This is a jackpot day to be sure.

In June 2010, MBLAQ were heavily into promoting their second mini album, Y. You will recall that for Y, G.O revealed a softer look sans goatee. His hair no longer spiky was full of movement as it gently framed his face and was glossy and resplendent. And then, his eyes. Even though G.O’s gorgeously deep and penetrating eyes need no enhancement, the eyeliner was smoky and romantic. Some may contend that G.O even went a little flower boy during this era. Sure, but I loved it. Even amid this softer look however one thing was for certain, it did not diminish the potent masculinity that oozed from G.O when he took stage. In this glorious cam, the softer look does not deter his attack.

No. It only makes him that much more lethal and disarming.



[Image cr. as tagged; video cr. GOBACKUP1106]


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