The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 487

Oh Idol Army, how I have forgotten how playful and entertaining you were! As nonsensical and crazy as the show was, it was nevertheless 16 episodes of getting to know the wonderful and diverse personalities and individual talents of our five fab crew. There are many wonderful moments I could revisit, but for today, I am choosing a moment from the final episode because where there is G.O’s voice, there is Vocal Virtuosity unfolding.

*Dangerously handsome*

As Episode 16 of Idol Army opens, there is a quick look back at MBLAQ’s humble beginnings on the show wherein they were getting their footing in Korean variety. By Ep 16, the question of the day was: after 16 weeks, have the men of MBLAQ become more charming? Well I can certainly guess that G.O most probably had basically because he is charming by nature….lol! <~~~ Extreme bias rising over here! So the men had a mission and that was to demonstrate they had indeed improved in the charming department and all were given a final charm appeal opportunity to prove such to guest comedienne, Shin Bong-sun.


Now I am not going to lie, Seung Ho was holding the number one spot after his interpretation of Rain’s Rainism. I mean, even I, the most devout G.O fangirl who rarely (if at all) even glances at another artist, have to say that Seung Ho caught my attention and confirmed that underneath that calm, quiet, and ever so cool and collected exterior, his potential to bring the sexy was spot on. However, up until that point, G.O had not had his final charm appeal chance. When he did, he opted to sing. Sorry Leader-ssi, it is game over when G.O sings!~😜 Covering his one time mentor Lee Jung, G.O sang 내일해 [Do It Tomorrow]. Oh heaven . . .

I think Shin Bong-sun was pleased. I know I was pleased! But I am easily woo-ed by Jung Byung Hee.

Sometimes I get wrapped up in G.O’s English cover songs that I completely forget about the numerous Korean songs he has covered over the course of his career. Immortal Song 2 had him covering songs throughout his entire time on that show! Additionally, there are those moments on variety shows, radio broadcasts wherein he has covered a myriad of songs both English and Korean. I think his choice here on the final episode of Idol Army was not only steeped in trying to successfully charm Bong-sun, but also because it was song he admired. I will always hold firm to my thought that G.O never sings a song without forethought or reason. 내일해 [Do It Tomorrow] is a gentle break up song wherein our hero is lacking in confidence and strength to send his beloved away. Smiling through his tears, he wants to have one more day. Even if it is a day that may prolong the pain, he just cannot say his final good-bye and believes he will have more strength tomorrow.

The bittersweet in these type of songs is made even more heart-wrenching by G.O’s expressive and emotionally charged vocals. Every. Single. Time.


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