The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 481

I don’t know about you, but I am rather enjoying these moments looking back at G.O’s airport style. Back in June 2012, the men of MBLAQ were embarking upon their Blaq% Asia Tour and on the 28th of the month were Indonesia bound. Casual, comfortable and dangerously handsome (as always), I once again love how G.O can take something as simple as a white t-shirt, track suit pants and baseball cap and still make it look sophisticated. Let’s break it down and have a closer look, shall we?


I have not seen many (if any at all) instances where G.O looked particularly uncomfortable in what he was wearing. Even that feathered jacket from debut days did not seem to impede him in any way because clothes just seem to like him . . . a lot. I will say however, that having a nice physique does add to the ease in which clothes fit and G.O is in possession of a rather fine physique.

G.O’s choice for the seven hour flight from Seoul to Jakarta was perfect. Keeping with his penchant for black and white, he looked very balanced and ever stylish. Earlier I suggested that G.O even looked sophisticated. Can something this casual really be sophisticated? Why not? Remember in my previous airport style post, I mentioned how G.O’s subtle accessorizing often bumps his style up from simply appearing casual? The accessories in this particular ensemble do just that, specifically his very elegant wristwatch. But I have to say that the statement making eye-catcher (apart from his handsome self) is that fashion statement of a bag he is carrying.

It looks like it could possibly be an MCM bag, but I cannot be certain. I will say that it is a wow-inducing accessory that looks fabulous on his shoulder. It looks roomy as in being able to house a laptop, tablet, a journal to write songs (hehehe) and a decent supply of snacks making it a formidable carry on for travel. It is not too cumbersome and will easily fit under a seat or comfortably in an overhead bin. The cargo net webbing surround the outside of the bag gives it even more versatility. It’s a nice switch from a backpack and adds a splash of fire and color to his look. I absolutely love it. Everything about G.O’s look that day at Incheon was fabulous.

I did not come across any Incheon airport cam, but did find a brief focused clip of the arrival into Jakarta.

Looking at ease, relaxed and throwing a little love to the fans. So sweet.


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