The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 480

Eloquence is described as being good with words and expressing things in a pleasing or persuasive manner. It can also be described as possessing the quality of graceful expression. I have always appreciated G.O’s soft spoken manner and even when there are times I do not understand a word, I still hear eloquence. Continuing my look back at June 2015 and specifically the comeback release of MBLAQ’s Mirror, I revisit today some of G.O’s eloquent excerpts from ArirangTV’s Pop In Seoul interview of MBLAQ wherein he talked about the evolution of the group and of course, the music.

E is for Eloquence

During MBLAQ’s interview on Pop In Seoul, G.O did eloquently address the situation of Lee Joon and Cheondung leaving the group but I don’t want to focus on that part of interview even though it expressly demonstrates exactly what I mean when I state G.O is eloquent. Rather, I want to listen again to his discussion about the music, especially how he explains the structure of the eight tracks on MBLAQ’s eighth (and wonderful) mini album, Mirror. It may not be mind-blowing rocket science he is discussing, but talking about music, the music they created is what makes it special because it is important to him. His quiet way of explaining is lovely.

When the guys are asked which song they would recommend from the album, G.O does not hold back in suggesting the song he penned, I Know U Want Me, and his reasoning for his choice. His quiet nature becomes more animated when he starts explaining what the song is about.

He is too adorable ~ am I right? Bias aside, I have to agree with G.O that I Know U Want Me is a refreshing, funky song perfect for summer. And really, who else could write a song with ‘adorable’ lyrics about a man openly seducing a woman and get away with it? Yeah, you guessed it . . . G.O can!


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