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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 482

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G.O’s selca game has always been strong and dates back to his days with Tykeys. He made some serious flip phone magic back in 2007, and I really feel like honoring it today as my G.O’s Selca Magic choice. It’s Tuesday and his 482nd day of service, so why not?

Cute, hot and dreamy . . . in that order!

😍 😍 😍

😍  😍  😍

So precious!!

Can you believe we are nearing on 500 days?! Even though it is not discharge, it is still a celebratory milestone. Moreover, the excitement is a hundredfold more intense because of G.O’s recent Daum Cafe chat. On the evening of 11 June, he gave what seem to be secured dates for a fan meeting (24 February 2018) and a comeback (25 February 2018). Wait. Comeback??! Does this mean our amazing main vocal man will finally be releasing a solo album and promoting it???? Ok, breathe . . . BREATHE! I will try not to project too much of my hopes and dreams this early on in the game! <hehehe> Let’s just get through these remaining 249, ok? Then the screaming can begin.~^^



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