The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 383

It is difficult getting back into the groove and routine of my every day life since returning from Seoul. Keeping up with my countdown posts however seems to be flowing ok. At least one thing is staying consistent. For some reason (probably because I have the heart of a five-year old child), I am really looking forward to hitting Day 400. Milestones. You know how I feel about those.~^^ Even though there will be over 300 days remaining at that point, I still find myself full of excitement as we get closer to discharge. Likewise, every moment I get to sit down and write about this amazing young man makes me happy. Today (as you can see) is a One Shot day. It is also time for a one shot .gif. Lately, I have been longing for Mirror ~ the song, performances, just anything Mirror-related. To quench a little bit of that thirst, I will share a few short G.O .gifs from one of the many performances of MBLAQ’s exquisite and haunting title song.





My list can go on for days . . . but I will stop here as there is always tomorrow. Thankfully, all new days bring new opportunities to share the many things that I find make G.O the wonderfully talented and attractive man he is. I look forward to each and every one of those remaining new days, all 348 of them.




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