The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 384

The first three months of 2012 were filled with an abundance of MBLAQ goodness. With the release of 100% Ver. and the repackaged Blaq% Ver., there was an avalanche of promotions, visuals and indeed incredible music. I have to admit that I think my little countdown will become littered (in a good way) with many Vocal Virtuosity moments going forward. And although I may have exhausted all of my available opportunities here in the first 384 days of focusing on G.O’s solo works, there is still a wealth of virtuoso moments captured in many MBLAQ songs where our main vocal’s voice is given a little more exposure. Such is the case of the lithe and charming pop love song from the Blaq% Ver. mini album, 사랑이온다/Beautiful ~ one of my all time favorites.

In its lyrical and melodic simplicity, 사랑이온다/Beautiful, remains engaging and infectious. Additionally, the repetitive chorus is gloriously under the command of G.O whose effervescent vocals make me fall in love over and over again with every line:

Oh 사랑이 온다 가슴이 안다
[Oh love is coming, my heart knows]
바람이 분다 나와 노래해
[The wind is blowing and it sings with me]
Oh 사랑이 온다 가슴이 안다
[Oh love is coming, my heart knows]
내 소중한 Oh!
[My precious ~ Oh!]

Watching G.O sing the song only adds to its charm. Here on the MCountdown stage in March 2012, all of the sweetness of falling in love pours from G.O’s expressive eyes and gentle voice.

When I watch this performance I cannot help but notice the way G.O gets enveloped in the song, drifting with the melody and genuinely feeling the meaning in the lyrics. It is not only in the deeply emotional ballads where he loses himself. The way I see it is that regardless of the song (happy, sad, ballad, pop, R&B, etc.), G.O just surrenders and allows the song and all of its intricacies (simple or complex) to take the lead and guide him.

And when he throws in the charm of his playful side, G.O becomes even more magnetic.

Really, I cannot say it enough and I don’t mind repeating it: I absolutely adore G.O’s relationship with music. It is a magnificent and sweeping love affair that I am ever grateful he has been so open in sharing with us.


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