The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 378

I am sure all A+ can agree that MBLAQ’s gentle pop song homage to their fans, You’re My + is one of their best, and for various reasons. For me, it is one of those MBLAQ songs where I can hear an audible smile, as it were, in G.O’s voice while he sings. Moreover, in this song, G.O gets plenty of sing time and when that happens, I always rank it among my favorite group songs. You’re My + is a good choice then to place it firmly in the Vocal Virtuosity category. Yes. And even though I am certain they have performed the song live often, I am choosing a particularly poignant live performance to showcase it: the first stage as a trio at Omiya back in June 2015.

The emotions were brimming over that summer day in Japan. The anticipation level high. I recall feeling so many emotions that day. I was excited, anxious, worried . . . you name it and I was probably feeling it! And then there was the worry about how they were feeling. I can’t even imagine. But I was confident that they were going to do well their first time out as a trio and they did. It was somewhat bittersweet, but it was still amazing.

That MBLAQ chose to put You’re My + on the set list for their first stage back in 2015 (and first stage as a trio) was wonderful and brilliant and so sweet. It was also a testament to the love and appreciation they have (always have and no doubt always will) for their loving fans.

And G.O’s voice . . . well, when isn’t it perfect?

~💙 ~

[Video cr. 링링]

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