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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 370

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When I sit down to consider upcoming Countdown posts, I find myself fighting the urge to make every day a Vocal Virtuosity day. I really enjoy listening to G.O sing. It is that simple. I am reminded time and again how rich, soothing and calming G.O’s voice is the quiet tenderness of a beautiful ballad. This is how I feel about Celebrate. And today, it is the warm embrace I am absolutely yearning for and need to share.

Celebrate is a stand out ballad for me from the MBLAQ catalog because of its slow cadence and the mellifluous tone in G.O’s voice (which I admit is a constant for him). I especially love his part within the chorus however, which I find so very romantic and poetic:

내겐 첫 눈꽃 같은 너라서
[Because you’re like the first snowflake]
널 보면 솔직히 떨려서 Celebrate
[Because I tremble when I see you, celebrate]
아낌없이 매일 아침 해가 뜨듯이
[Just like the sun always rises in the morning]
난 변하지 않을게
[I will never change]

I won’t belabor this post today with my usual chatter and just share the poetry of Celebrate from the 4 June 2013 Sexy Beat Showcase.

The glasses. The rings. That suit. THIS man . . . his voice.

❤️  😍  ❤️  😍  ❤️  😍  ❤️  😍

❤️  😍  ❤️  😍  ❤️  😍  ❤️  😍

❤️  😍  ❤️  😍  ❤️  😍  ❤️  😍

❤️  😍  ❤️  😍  ❤️  😍  ❤️  😍

~ ❤️  ~

[Image cr. as tagged; Video cr. DALGOM Mondschein]

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