The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 372

Gratitude is learned at very early age. I am certain most all of us were taught as children that when you receive something, you say thank you. But not all are as well-versed in the art of being gracious for things that not necessarily tangible: admiration, support, respect, love. Often we seem to forget that these too are great gifts to receive and as such should require equal gratitude even if we cannot touch them or hold them. G.O understands the art of gratitude. And I suspect it has been with him ever since his cognizance developed and he could understand the concept. He certainly understood it extremely well in the early days of his career. I thought it was a good day to share another installment of G.O’s Fabled Fan Service here on the countdown.

He understands. He gets it. Yes, G.O has known from the outset (even at the tender age of 19), that fans are an intricate and essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to sustaining a career in the arts and entertainment. When an artist stands on a stage, concert or otherwise; when he brings a role to life in film, drama, or on the musical stage, it is to share his art and his passion. And true, he wants you to continue coming back for more.

There may be a part of him that has a need to release emotion through his art that may satisfy something inside of him. But, I believe an artist shares his art because he wants people to experience the world inside of him, to share what he has created and to feel something. Is that enough to satisfy a fan, however? For some yes. But when the artist reaches out further to appreciate the appreciation, as it were, G.O really understands this.

See what I mean, G.O just understands, he understands every facet of what makes an artist more to a fan than simply the art he creates. He understands the delicate art of appreciation and he knows how to express it to each fan as if he was singling them out to thank each of them personally.

~💗 ~

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