The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 358

Over the past few days I have been giving lots and lots of love to G.O’s past involvement with the neo-soul R&B trio, Tykeys. It is part of his past that I feel was an incredible stepping stone to get him where he is today and not just musically. I think G.O’s time spent with Baek Soo Kyung and Kim Hyun Jung gave him experience and direction that supported and indeed fueled his creativity. He learned about synergy and collaboration which I believe every artist needs, and which he has become keenly adept at. My G.O One Shot for today is a little homage to G.O’s Tykeys stage presence, in .gif form.

Please be forgiving for the quality is not stellar. Keep in mind these were most likely created long before HD video was introduced and I did enlarge them somewhat which will always compromise clarity.



Even though we cannot hear it him, we can be 100% confident that G.O’s voice sounded fantastic ~ as his voice always does in a live performance situation. But what is definitely distinguishable here in these early captures is that G.O always had, still does and forever shall possess, captivating and magnetic stage presence. I’d even call it stage swag.

~💛 ~

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