The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 350

I suppose it is rather obvious that I have been having deep (and perhaps emotional) longing to travel back in time to the spring of 2014 when everything seemed to be wonderfully in place for both G.O in his independent pursuits on the musical stage, as well as with MBLAQ as they settled into promoting their 6th (and truly brilliant) mini album, Broken. I left Seoul in mid-April of that year after a lengthy stay, and therefore missed the impromptu meet & greet G.O held in the lobby of the Universal Arts Theater on 5 May 2014. I was momentarily disappointed when I learned of that meet & greet, but that dissipated quickly as I reminded myself how fortunate I was in any event to have experienced not only G.O’s amazing fan service, but his incredible performance in 서편제 [Seopyeonje]. It is Day 350 and seems like a great day to celebrate G.O’s Fabled Fan Service as he met with fans back on that sunny day in early May.

The happiness G.O wore that day is impossible to deny. From the moment he walked into the lobby until he left, the smile never seemed to leave his face. His eyes sparkled with delight as he greeted fans.

By this time, G.O was already deep into rehearsals for his next role on the musical stage as the vulnerable Prince Ho Dong in 바람의나라 [The Kingdom of the Winds], as well as promoting with MBLAQ. He may have been tired, exhausted even, but the light in his eyes and gratitude in his voice while meeting his fans were evident. For me personally, I really do not believe I have seen him as happy since.

This was a remarkably exciting time for our talented main vocal in connection with his career. He returned to the musical stage in an iconic and demanding role and was gaining new fans while equally thrilling his very dedicated and loyal A+ who were also enjoying this magnificent journey with him.

If I learned anything about G.O during the short time I had the opportunity to say hello and get to shake his hand, it was how genuinely appreciative he was for everything: the musical, the role, the accolades and most importantly, his fans.

I have no doubt that I will easily mark the next 380 days by continuing to tell you how talented G.O is and what an incredible gift of a voice he possesses. Likewise you probably can expect me to continue repeating over and over any and everything I can think of declaring about his authentic and genuine graciousness.

I have mentioned many times before through these countdown posts and in other posts I have written about him here on my blog that with G.O, I think it is more than just fan service. The patience, kindness, thoughtfulness and yes, gratitude he extends to his adoring goddesses has no match, and will always (in my opinion) exceed ordinary fan service.

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I am really missing him lately, how about you?~ (⋟﹏⋞) ~

Mamamoo ~ I Miss You 


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