The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 351

When I declare that MBLAQ’s amazing main vocal man G.O can sing anything, I mean it. Arguably, there are times when I may slip into some gentle exaggeration on certain things. However, when it comes to G.O’s voice and talent, I often feel that I do not say enough for I find it difficult sometimes to express how amazing I honestly believe he is. His journey fascinates me and I feel he has only scratched the surface of what he can do with his talent and that his evolution continues. Before I get too emotional here let’s refocus. Let’s go back to the Human Culture Awards, a perfect Throwback Thursday/Heavenly Collaboration (well, sort of) moment in December 2009 when our charming balladeer took a detour and let the tones of his mellifluous voice tickle us with some vintage trot.

On 15 December 2009, MBLAQ was two months post-debut and as they began to make more appearances, their fan base continued to grow. On that December day, they managed two appearances, one of which was the Korea Human Culture Awards. They effortlessly performed their infectious second single released from their debut EP, G.O.O.D. Luv and then were joined on stage by beloved trot singer, Jang Yun Jeong and sang along with her to the 2005 hit 어머나 [Oh My Goodness] and oh my goodness . . . G.O was just way too adorable.

Ok so this collaboration was perhaps more a group effort than say singularly one with G.O alone, but since the cam was positioned on him and his voice the only one I can really hear the most (so biased!), I still consider it heavenly. Besides, remember I did say that it would not matter who it was who stepped on the stage with G.O and sang with him. Any collaboration is automatically deem a heavenly collaboration.^^

The audio is not fantastic but you can still hear G.O’s sweet voice. I particularly loved when he sang along with Yun Jeong because you know how much I appreciate that lower tone of his. G.O’s voice, perhaps an octave or so below Yun Jeong’s when he joined in to sing with her, purrs like that of a content kitten.

I watch this cam and cannot help but be drawn in to its playful catchiness. Then, there is G.O’s smile which is ever infectious. The way he moves along with the song, his strong shoulders bopping flirtatiously capture how much music is in him and he in music . . . genre notwithstanding.

어머나 ~ 어머나 ~ 어!    머!   나!!!


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