The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 329

When I first started One Shot days, my entire point of them was to share one picture or one .gif. Over the course of almost one year now (yes……….we are literally closing in one year of G.O’s service being completed), I have bent and stretched and violated my own rules but all with good intention for sometimes one picture is simply not enough. Today, I will stay within the parameters of my One Shot rule book. One picture. One smile. One lovely capture of one handsome and amazing man.

G.O in his element, doing what he loves to do, enjoying the moment and a smile unknowingly captured. There will always be something about these split second moments caught on film where the photographer grabs a moment in his/her frame when G.O is unaware that a camera is even pointed at him and he just is. You cannot even see his face fully in this shot, but it does not matter. I look at this picture and feel G.O’s happiness. And, I cannot wait to see this smile again very, very soon!^^


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