The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 328

Any time you stand G.O on a stage and let him sing with someone I am automatically going to label that a Heavenly Collaboration. His voice and presence added any time, any where, in any genre, with any vocalist is going to be magical. The angelic presence of G.O joining Nichkhun, Minah, Risako, and P.O for a special stage performance of Let It Go at the M Countdown No. 1 Artist of Spring 2014 in Yokohama may not have seen him with a whole lot of vocal time, but his gentle vocals were sweet perfection in any event. And he was a complete vision in white.

It occurred to me while I was researching this performance that in two short days following G.O’s appearance in Yokohama, I would meet him for the first time after his 5 April 2014 performance in Seopyeonje. It is amazing to me how completely clueless I was regarding his schedule at the time. Performing in Seopyeonje, promoting Broken and then having to be in Yokohama to perform at the Artist of Spring event – he must have been exhausted! Yet…he was the sweetest most gracious being I have ever met! Before I get on a complete fangirl tangent, let me pull the reins here and get back to Yokohama and Let It Go.

Let me confess that I am probably the only one on the planet who has never seen the movie Frozen. I know…can you believe it?? I am familiar with the music, however, and knew that is where Let It Go came from, made iconic by musical actress Idina Menzel who sang it in the animated film, and indeed popular worldwide. When G.O stepped on the stage to join Nichkhun, Minah, and Risako, I melted. There is simply no way for me to ever stay frozen when G.O sings ~ especially when sings in English.

G.O’s tender vocals here add a soft touch in this collaboration, right? Did you catch how he held the last note? *melts* Although the song was perhaps designed to be sung by a woman (since it originally was), I still think G.O could handle this one all on his own (but then, I believe he can sing anything). Here, as Minah and Risako sing the empowering creed, G.O is the foundation to that creed, reinforcing it. I really do love the way Minah looks over at G.O while she sings. *Feeeeeels*  I would have loved to hear G.O wrap some improvs around P.O’s rap. But, understandably, P.O was the pop and swag in the song that needed it’s own moment. Still, you know how much I enjoy when G.O gets his improvs flowing around rap. Bliss…….

I will always appreciate when G.O collaborates outside of MBLAQ. I think it builds creative relationships that allow him to explore his own art, to learn and expand. I really, really, really hope he considers future collaborations with western artists when he returns. Additionally, it would be fantastic if he had the opportunity to produce some music for up and coming western artists. I cannot help but dream bigger for him than he perhaps dreams for himself.

It’s time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me I’m free!


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