The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 330

In parsing through MBLAQ archives, I am amazed over the number of radio programs G.O appeared on since debut. I am quite sure they are all floating out there waiting for me to discover each and every one of them. Sometimes there is simply not enough hours in a day to fangirl properly, but I am thankful for every moment I do get to discover something new. For me, since I am a relative newb here as a fan, I cannot always automatically place a picture with it’s corresponding event or appearance. I am happy to have re-stumbled upon some lovely photographic captures of G.O from a January 2013 stint as radio DJ (along with maknae Mir) on KBS Kool FM’s Kiss The Radio and along with them, some playful moments caught on video of our cheeky, adorable and wickedly handsome disc jockey of the hour.

There are so very many things that make G.O as appealing as he is from his talent to his humble graciousness. Truly, the list can go on forever. But I have to also mention and call some extra special attention to that drop-dead collision of handsome mixed with intelligence, quick wit and humor that he possesses. Early radio appearance moments prove many things about him to me and that is, not only does G.O have the gift of gab, he seems to genuinely enjoy engaging on the radio be it with the hosting DJ, other guests on the show, crew and yes, fans.

Not that I would ever in five trillion years want him to give up music (NO!), but he seriously could have a lucrative side career in radio, if he ever wanted to pursue it. Not a full-time gig, mind you but something light and fun. I really think he needs to bring some extra light and fun back into the mix once he completes his military service. The kind of playfulness captured here  . . .

And here . . .

Am I right? And that playfulness sure does comes in the most adorable and handsome package, doesn’t it?


[Image cr. as tagged; video cr. MemenGO87; DALGOM Mondschein]

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