The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 295

I knew going into this project, this countdown of the days G.O was away fulfilling his mandatory military service, that he would provide me with more than enough moments to share of his talent, creativity, humor, and intellect than days he had to serve. The best part of this journey is when I look at a blank entry in my countdown log and have a moment of anxiety thinking what do I write about today? Without fail, something always arrives to the doorstep of my mind…or perhaps heart, and another day sees a little bit more of G.O’s magic. A couple days ago I introduced another little sub-category to the mix which I labeled Impromptu Melodies. The one I have for today can also easily be stored on the Vocal Virtuosity shelf. It is Thursday so we can throwback a little here to August 2011 and an impromptu moment on 도전 1000곡 [1000 Song Challenge] with our vocal virtuoso and a little Mona Lisa.

July and August 2011 were extremely busy for MBLAQ, and specifically so for G.O. In addition to promoting with MBLAQ following the release of the group’s third mini album Mona Lisa, G.O was also performing on Immortal Song 2, as well as appearing on numerous other variety programs. In early August 2011, he appeared on the karaoke song competition program 도전 1000곡 [1000 Song Challenge]. Back on Day 207, I shared his performance of 사랑일뿐야 [It’s Only Love] from the show. So dreamy.

I completely forgot about G.O’s impromptu Mona Lisa moment. As is the case when he breaks out in song, I never want him to stop.

No music. Just the man, the song and his voice. Perfectly perfect perfection. I don’t know if he would ever welcome this suggestion, but I am sure I am not the only one who would love to hear G.O rework this song, and slow it into a rhythmic R&B ballad. Just him and a say……a Spanish guitar?

Ay Dios mío, sería tan caliente . . . 


[Video cr. SBS Entertainment]

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