[event] One Mirror A Month – December Winner

The stats are in and so it begins! It occurred to me that there is really no way I can confirm the identity of the one view/one visitor. If a friend of the blog sees that their country is listed as the first one view/one visitor, they can easily contact me and say they are the one and I really cannot refute it, right? So a bit of a change in the event rules as it comes down to basically awarding the country and not necessarily the visitor. This little update and bend in the rules creates a more interesting contest now!!^^ If your country is listed as the first one view/one visitor, it will come down to who contacts me first. If you are the first to tweet me at @micheledemarco ~~>”(name of country) loves #MBLAQ #OneMirrorAMonth” then you become the proud owner of one copy of MBLAQ’s Mirror. The only caveat is that if you respond, you have to be from and physically living in the one view/one visitor winning country. Let’s begin!

December’s first one view/one visitor country is . . .

Félicitations France!!

[Next winner will be announced on 8 January 2017.]

~♥ ♥ ♥~

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