The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 289

I have always believed that G.O was (and still is) a consummate student of music. Ever learning and perfecting his own art, I have to guess that his music collection is more vast and wide than the oceans between us. Indeed he is extremely well-versed in music and has covered the songs of many music legends, east and west. As many of you know, there were often those times when during a variety show or in-studio radio show appearance, he was asked to sing and I have to believe there were times he was prepared to do so. But there were times when he most likely was not and was asked to sing off-the-cuff as it were. Live. At that moment. During the broadcast. I think the SBS Ten Ten Club broadcast of 15 July 2010 was one of those off-the-cuff moments when he regaled the audience with a few lines from DBSK’s  주문 [Mirotic].

I am not a very adept K-pop fan. Virtually clueless, in fact. But having featured Kim Junsu many moons ago here on the blog and running a series called TVXQ Tuesday, I was well-acquainted with DBSK (TVXQ, Tohoshinki), and even more so their song Mirotic. In fact, it was Mirotic that prompted the Tuesday blog posts. It remains one of my favorites in the DBSK catalog so to hear G.O sing it was indeed a treat!

Waaaaaaaaaahhh….why did he stop???! Ok true, that day MBLAQ had a special stage on M Countdown which included the song Mirotic. So maybe G.O was a little prepared. Still, it is not like studio engineers had the music track all prepared and ready to back him. Moreover, by the sounds of encouragement urging G.O to sing, it definitely was not planned for him to do so during the broadcast. Nevertheless, G.O’s voice was perfect as were the wicked solid beatboxing and backing vocals to assist. I kept saying more…more…MORE!!

I got you…oo oo ooooo, under my skin.

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